Ascot Heath Infant School

Ascot Heath Bespoke Website with Jotter Merits and a Jotter Mobile app

Personally making updates to your website is a fast and easy way to impart your personality onto your brand and ensure that your information is correct and up-to-date. With Webanywhere, you’ll never have to rely on a third party to make small updates to your website again.

The School

Ascot Heath Infant School is a community school based in Ascot educating children aged 5 - 7. They have approximately 202 students on roll and have been happy Webanywhere customers since 2013.


The Problem

Ascot Heath were frustrated with their existing website as they felt that they were constantly having to contact support in order to make any small changes or updates to their website. Seeking sovereignty over their digital platform, they decided to get in touch with Webanywhere.


The Solution

Using our extremely simple Jotter interface, Webanywhere created a website for the school that was visually appealing, as well as being interactive and easy to navigate. Because the Jotter interface was so uncomplicated, the school were also able to make any updates or changes themselves, without having to contact support each time. Any questions they did have however, were answered quickly by one of our specialists, who provide ongoing assistance with all of our products.


What Ascot Heath had to say

“We love our website. It’s easy to use and update, and any questions we have are always answered quickly.” - Billy Jowandha, Ascot Heath


Why Webanywhere?

“We chose Webanywhere because we found Jotter really easy to use and update without having to contact a third party and any questions we have are quickly answered by Webanywhere support. It’s a very intuitive product and has been beneficial for the school admin.” - Billy Jowandha, Ascot Heath


Success Story

In a recent fundraiser, the school successfully raised money for the Make A Wish Foundation, which arranges experiences, or ‘wishes,’ to children with life-threatening illnesses across the world. The school did incredibly well in their fundraising efforts and were happily able to announce the fantastic news on their website (which they were able to update themselves).