Totara Training

Even if you’re already familiar with Moodle, getting to grips with the advanced features available in Totara can be difficult at first. This course will cover how to use features such as tracking, user management and advanced integrations.


Moodle Training

If you’re a new administrator who’s unfamiliar with Moodle, it can look a little daunting. Although straightforward, we’ll quickly get you up to speed on all those important roles and functions.

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Instructional Design

Guidelines regarding best practices are discussed, in order to create truly engaging and effective e-learning courses.

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Articulate for Instructional Design

Our course covers the basics of the Articulate Studio, focusing on using this to create e-learning materials.


PowerPoint for Instructional Design

This course aims to train instructional designers on the best practices for using Powerpoint for storyboarding.




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