Webanywhere are Totara Platinum Partners

Totara LMS, the global provider of learning management systems with over 1,000 corporate clients, has recently announced their latest release - and it was worth the wait.

Totara 9 will give training teams greater flexibility when managing blended learning programs.

So why is this important?

Blended learning is the key to successful training programs.

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Knowledge and experience in 70:20:10 learning model
Indiana Jones' Hat

With countless adventures under his belt, Indiana Jones is a legend. He fought to keep everything from the Ark of the Covenant to the Holy Grail out of evil hands. So with such an impressive CV without using modern technology, how could access to the internet and e-learning have made his life better?

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Webanywhere Makes Compliance Training That Little Bit Easier

It is essential for employees to carry out mandatory training courses, tests and activities to ensure compliance – and it is just as essential for a business to have a record of this training in order to demonstrate this activity upon request.

Compliance Module

With this in mind, Webanywhere have developed the new Compliance Module for Moodle, designed to ensure tracking compliance doesn’t become an organizational burden. It is the perfect line of defense for organizations when preparing for internal and external audits, helping to record all training that has been completed, and to highlight what is still outstanding.

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5 Ways Technology Improves Learning

But why has technology become such a big part of education? For those who are yet to adapt to the digital age, or are doing so but with hesitation, we have listed five ways in which technology is improving learning.


1. A Limitless Supply Of Knowledge

Thanks to the internet, it is now far easier for teachers to get their hands on resources. In turn, this means you have more choice on what to use in class, how to teach your class, and what knowledge you can pass on to them.

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