Webanywhere News

Chicago User Group

In January we hosted an elearning 'think tank' in Chicago, which was designed to foster creative discussion, and to show how to maximize an organization’s potential by showcasing specific use-cases to grow engagement and utilization. Major customers such as Medtronic, JetBlue, Texas Instruments and the Center for Creative Leadership attended. Presentations by JetBlue, Medtronic and the Webanywhere team were informative and thought-provoking. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Here's a brief video where some of our customers share their thoughts. 


We hosted a Lunch & Learn meeting where we demonstrated Promatum - our interactive learning tool. “Interactive content for microlearning” was the topic, which we discussed over pizza. Guests from both large organizations and SMEs were very impressed with Promatum. Several companies will now be set up with a free pilot program with Promatum.

HR Tech

CEO Sean Gilligan and Brandon Merdalo (VP of Sales) attended the HR Tech trade show, where they interacted with multiple companies in various verticals.

New Starters

During his week-long visit to our Chicago Offices, Sean was able to meet our two new recruits: Drew Kenning, who is an LMS Architect, and Pamela Zachritz, who is a Senior Instructional Designer. We know they’re going to make great additions to the team.

Green Street Meats

To celebrate and congratulate ourselves on the excellent successes of the previous fiscal year, we had a team outing to Green Street Meats for some great BBQ.

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